What’s the future?

As part of its research into the future of social housing, Family Mosaic set up an online survey in the summer of 2011, inviting opinions from tenants, staff and those working in the social housing sector. My job was to interpret the data, and to find a way of sharing the outcomes.

The first was a short video, using a mix of infographics and talking heads. The infographics were developed by myself, and then brought to life by big Bob. The talking heads were all members of staff at Family Mosaic, speaking a mix of quotes left by those who’d taken part in the survey (beautifully shot by big Bob, and audibly captured by Al). Bob then edited the different elements together, so that Family Mosaic could show it to their key stakeholders, as well as placing it on their YouTube channel.

And we also put together a short PDF of the document that was sent to each of the participants in the survey.