Safe space maker

Stonewall Housing are not untypical. They provide a much-needed, specialist service to thousands of people every year. They have to spend more and more time applying for a dwindling pot of public money. And, as a result, they have less and less time to spend on providing the service, and telling people about what they do. Which is where I aim to help.

The first step was their online space. It’s one of the first places that people will come into contact with their brand. So the messages need to be clear, and the information needs to be accessible and understandable. And we had to make sure that LGBT people would feel comfortable about accessing the site, wherever they might be.

David developed a new look and feel for the site, that we are gradually applying across other Stonewall Housing materials. Rich built the site, using his own CMS, and provides hands-on support to Stonewall Housing, so that they can keep the site up-to-date with as little fuss as possible, and focus on what they do best.