Flying high

Giant kite flying in Bonn


That was the idea that finally got the sign-off from the coalition of campaign organisations who comprise Together Afghanistan. And not just any old kite: they wanted a giant kite, that wouldn’t fly, with slogans in five different languages.

Together Afghanistan is the brand that David and I created for Crisis Action, to highlight a different approach towards the situation in Afghanistan. Ten years after the military intervention into the country began, the campaign wanted to attract the world’s media to the possibility of positive change.

And some giant kites were the solution. Helped out by the logistical skills of Graeme Gilmour, we sourced suitable materials, put together the kites and tested them out in front of New England House. Satisfied, we mailed them off to campaign activists in Paris, Bonn, Oslo, The Hague, Stockholm and London. And, as the campaign site reports, they made the prospect of another Afghanistan fly high across Europe.


Giant kite flying in London