Caen Memorial

The British garden at Le Memorial near Caen was created to record the contribution by British Forces in the liberation of Caen in 1944. The garden is about the size of a football pitch and was formally opened by the Prince of Wales in 2004. Each arm of the forces who took part in the Battle of Normandy are represented in the layout.

Frank Grenier was commissioned to create a memorial for the R.N and M.N. support in the beach landings. Three panels (each approx.5ft x 3ft) of laminated blue glass have been set in stainless steel supports, mounted on a concrete base. Engraved cameos of the many functions of Operation Neptune (landings) have been placed on both sides of the glass. These include, reconnaisance, minesweeping, escort duties with merchant shipping air support, towing the Mulberry Harbours, pipelaying, shore bombardment, landing craft operations and beach marshalling.

Further engraved glass memorials include R.N Submarine operations in the Cold War now sited in Carolina, U.S.A and another Cold War memorial in the RN Submarine Museum at Gosport.